Message from a profound Space Teacher

This message was given to contactee Howard Menger.

“Truth never was, never will be a theory, nor contemplative arrange­ment of philosophy of men, nor intellectual insight in the minds of men. Truth IS. Great men on your planet think of truth in a different light, as compared with your brothers from “Space.” For these men, Truth communicates with reality, which is the real nature of that which he perceives with his six senses. Man continually seeks his Source, the Supreme Consciousness—and those great men of your holy writings— who touched upon this Source, discovered a divine plan for all man­kind, one rooted in love; for the Supreme Consciousness is love. We are dedicated emissaries of this divine plan, to your planet, to those with an evolved insight, for those are the ones who will receive us.

You must act with realism in the illusion as you walk in the light of the Infinite Mind among your people. You are an illusion or projection in a given dimension of your real self. You call it third-dimensional, but this is not accurate, because you could not see, hear, taste, smell or touch unless you were, in effect, a reality, an expression in a pro­jected form of fourth dimension.

The very fact that you can think makes you a fourth dimensional being. Inanimate objects, such as tables, automobiles, houses, are in reality third dimensional. Thinking is your sixth sense and you do not have to perceive any of the five known senses to think. However, a movie, or televised picture is just as real, with the exception that the projected movie or television are merely a reflection, very limited in that it does not think or control itself.

It has been stated by some of your great thinkers that time itself is the fourth dimension. Time is a condition of the fourth dimension, because you cannot have time without motion; nor motion without time—and neither without thought. You, as an expressing, thinking being, are composed of both motion and time, making you a fourth dimensional thinking being.

Nothing we see with our physical eyes is Truth, but simply a reality in the dimension of a reflection, or an effect, secondary in nature related to a Cause from a primary Source. However, the mind, be it known, still thinks after the so-called “death,” which in reality does not exist. In Truth, neither life nor death exists. Truth IS.

Truth never changes. Only reality, in the form of matter, energy, and time changes. Your fourth dimensional body is expressing as an instrument of your infinite spirit, through soul and mind, with the brain acting as an instrument of your mind, as a radio, menger-suit-tieor computer receives what you call electricity to activate its motions and express with music, voice or answers to problems. The electricity still exists after the radio is destroyed, although both are inferior by far to the mind and brain.

Some of your metaphysicians say that you are the sum total of what you have been in past expressions. This is highly inaccurate. You can only be the sum total of past experiences if you are fully aware of those experiences and lessons. Forgotten lessons cannot be added to the total until one is made aware of them. You are never the sum total in any given dimension.

Many of your population have voluntarily reincarnated here on Earth from other planets of your own solar system, to help in a plan which is universal in scope. They, on their previous planets, have expressed and experienced a much higher understanding of the Infinite Father’s universal laws. We have only begun to contact them and release them from a memory block, due to the lower frequency of your planet Earth. Nevertheless, we dare not interfere in the form of force or control in any way. This would not conform to the Father’s laws to which we adhere. We are for progress, fulfilling to the best of our capacities, the Will of the Infinite Father. To act against these laws, we realize, would turn them against us.

But, this is not the reason we do not act against them. To act against them would deter progress of expression, the very progress to which we have dedicated ourselves. Many of you, the people of Earth, those reincarnated volunteers, have had quick flashes of a truth com­municated to your minds originating from your infinite self, but these thoughts have been discarded as imagination, or hallucinations and dispelled from your consciousness. It is easier to do this than listen and act upon truth. It is easier to conform to the distorted ways of your world than to speak your mind and lose so-called friends, prestige, money, power, and false security. This is the difference between the men you have named Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Confucius, and many others, as compared to kings, generals, tyrants and dictators who are all in reality strategic murderers of men.

Your scriptures tell of the evil of murder and persecution as evi­denced by Moses and Jesus. This being against the laws of the “Being” you call God has not changed the thinking of the people of earth. You still look up to, fear, or conform to men who have reached a high place of authority or power over their brothers. Do you think this God sanctions force, persecution, murder or evil in any form? Certainly not. Those who do, worship a false God, to suit their own ends.

Son, your closest “friends” will shun you in the near future because of their distorted interpretations of events that will take place, but this is necessary, in the sense that it becomes part of a large screening process, all closely monitored by us, who are orbiting your planet in answer to the many prayers for help from your population of many beliefs, colors, creeds, races. We would not come to the aid of Earth unless there was a call for help on a mass scale. In the year of your time 1945 we concentrated a large group of servants of our Infinite Father, which you have called “angels” in your scriptures, to aid you with the help of our machines, which project thought impulses in the direction of a specified area of chaos. In our space craft outside of your atmosphere our instruments received, telescreened and recorded the prayers of millions of souls, desperately asking their particular “God” to help them in their suffering.

There was a large concentration of these thought impulses in the form of prayer in the area you call Japan where your fissional explo­sions took place and destroyed thousands of bodies in a horrible way. In another area, your United States, thousands prayed to another God to help their armies to make haste in killing the Germans or Japanese enemy and end the war so their loved ones could come back to them.

We noticed and recorded your distorted concepts of what God is with great sorrow and concern for your ignorance. On our view screens thought patterns of God took on many forms and shapes, but most were men, some with beards, some tall, some short, and of course, some were stone or wood or metallic idols. Son, we have not seen the Supreme Intelligence in the sense that is a particular form or shape. God is not a man. To call God a man is to limit that God. God is all.

Man is limited, but God is unlimited, infinite, expressing in all men, all forms. Men are student gods, going through a school of expression on this planet and many others, seeking knowledge and wisdom so that he may serve his brothers and the Infinite Father of creation. Man continually progresses up the ladder toward perfection, and though a rung may break under the weight of his many errors, still his goal is to reach the top and oneness with the Infinite Father. His soul records every experience, thoughts, mistakes from the time it becomes a soul. A man’s soul, as with the lower forms of life, such a dogs, cats, cows, horses, etc., is the sum total of a process of evolvement of conscious­ness. Everything created has a consciousness, and the consciousness evolves to the soul point, where it expresses in higher forms, man being the highest. This doesn’t necessarily mean one evolves from the other, but there are many cycles of evolution. Man’s infinite spirit is perfect, and uses a finite body in a given dimension possessed of a soul, the recorder, closely related to the mind, which does the thinking, using the finite brain or instrument of perception in conjunction with the “five” senses.

What you call “reincarnation” is preceded by a transition or change, called “death,” but this is not the end of the consciousness, but a continuation of a type of experience leaving certain “senses” behind on the physical plane and becoming aware of a more enlightened con­sciousness, and you discover that you are still thinking without the instrumentality of the brain. Son, I say to you that there is no such thing as death in any form, for if there were, you would not be here now, for you always were, always will be—you are, as it also is with the universe, as it is with our Infinite Father of Creation.

Your scientists are necessary in furthering progress of all aspects of life on your planet. When “science” comes about, man begins to find the answers to many phenomena observed, but not understood. However, now science is actually limiting itself, and the progress of your populace, by sanctioning that which it is able to prove only through objective reality, rather than subjective reality as such, related to truth. A scientist observes visually in the course of a particular experiment an occurrence which did take place before his eyes, but, because he did not know how or why it happened, he rejects it, and it is not “scientific” fact until he find the answer within the scope of accepted scientific theory. He probably never will find all the answers using science in its present form, so there must come from the scientists of your day a new science—something beyond science—before pro­gress will continue in this realm”.

(taken from the book “From outer space to you” by Howard Menger, 1959)

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