Message to scientists and leaders of all governments from space

Scientists, leaders of all Governments,

out of necessity and against our will, we are warning you that if you continue to carry out the absurd plans regarding the nuclear tests, we can do nothing to help your planet avoid a series of natural disasters of deadly nature. For this reason, you must stop these unjustifiable, crazy, deadly experiments.

We have decided to watch over your civilization because we believe in your future. In continuing your irresponsible behavior, you create huge impediments to our constructive intentions.

Know that if you can muster up the strength and the courage to build a strong union amongst all Earth’s people and destroy all weapons of mass destruction (that still today make you proud, wicked and morbidly aggressive species) then we will feel authorized, by the love that has bound us since the origin of this Solar System, to approach and grant you the knowledge of better science which could bring you a peaceful life. A life rich in happiness, real freedom and infinite prosperity.

Your behavior presents enormous difficulties, which leads to our disappointment and sadness.

You have the possibility of being free and happy, to love without suffering and living with no pain. Eventually, you could turn your eyes, full of hope and love, peace and spiritual sweetness, towards the Eternal Creator of all that is. Why do you want to give up so much peace and happiness? Why do you wish so badly to destroy your world thereby surrendering all your evolutionary progress?

We sent this message with immense love and concern. Recognizing the grave acts you have planned, this message is a most deeply felt invitation. We have worked hard and will continue to do all we can to avoid any negative consequences of your behavior.

In case you, statesman and scientists, choose not to listen and if you continue your plans, we will only be asked to rescue those men and women who truly love their neighbors as themselves, as we do, from the irreparable disaster.

Therefore, be prudent and responsible if you want to survive! Do not throw away the great opportunity to correct and improve yourself, given to you from the Infinite Father of Creation.

Sincerely, Eugenio Siragusa on behalf of Space People visiting Earth
30 April 1962

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