The future of earthly mankind

A message from the Confederation of Planets to mankind on earth, which bares the harsh reality of a society unavoidably debased by pernicious transformations in every area of life. The extra-terrestrial beings who are committed to a plan of helping Earth, give us hope from outer space by speaking of a bright future that awaits humanity. However, before that can happen, many significant events will shake the already feeble balance of our world. Everything which is not in harmony with Love is bound to become unstable and destroy itself. This is how “the wheat will be separated from the chaff”. Conscious people will acquire more and more awareness, whereas those who are unconscious will worsen their condition of unconsciousness. The secular power structures together with every institution not based on the principles of Love, Brotherhood and Justice will be destroyed. This is how the New Humanity will be created. Not one individual would be lost, if all those who are waiting for the end of time put their efforts into achieving brotherhood, union, and love among people.

Once again, we come to you moved by the Love that connects us all.

We are deeply grieved by what is happening on your planet.

It is painful to see how the great majority of human beings still find pleasure in their moral and spiritual poverty. They are doing very little to come out of this terrible situation. The entire universe is suffering because the persistent evil coming from your planet is contaminating outer space. How can you remain indifferent, deaf and blind to such an immense suffering? A suffering which has been lashing at the very heart of Creation far too long; a suffering which has been deeply hurting our spirits and has elicited the infinite compassion in our hearts.

As human-family you have not been capable of loving your fellow men, your very own flesh: this is your sad reality.

You have not been capable of letting nature take its ordinary course and have instead massacred its multifarious creatures. You, who should have been the true guardians of Life, have not been capable of protecting it, of loving it so as to encourage its natural expression.

Who or what do you think will help you now?  Can you really cling to a mercy that no longer exists? Can you really believe that the Universe will continue to bear your atrocities?

Your sons, your own flesh, are being targeted in armed conflicts. Half of the people killed in the most recent wars are children, denied love they rightly deserved, innocent creatures who were born solely to express the Creator’s endless wonder.

In such absurd conflicts born out of rampant selfishness your children are being seriously injured, permanently disabled, sexually assaulted, psychologically traumatized, and suffer from hunger and diseases. They are children who are being taken from their families, enslaved and used as human shields; children who are taught to hate and kill their own kind.

Do you call this “civilization”? Do you call this “progress”?

If we were not completely acquainted with the Creation project which involves you, we might believe that your process of evolution has not taken a step forward to raise its soul-spiritual vibration since the dinosaur era.

Thanks to the flow of time, which is a necessary illusion in your dimension, you should by now have already held a fundamental role in the benevolent governance and evolution of the planet you live on. You should have already decoded the secret of life concealed in the evolutionary annals of Creation. You should have already gathered essential information that could have supported your evolutionary growth by alleviating suffering and pain.

By acting the way you do, you prove that nothing has changed since the time your souls belonged to the animal kingdom when you were only intent on surviving without a single spark of conscience.

Indeed, your violent behavior mirrors that of cruel, savage beasts that care only for their own survival, that are capable of destruction and extermination. They who are moved by selfishness and that reject the Good and the progress that dwells in all-that-exists.

You have set yourselves against Divine Intelligence and its Creation, you do not observe its perfect laws from which all-that-exists originated. These laws allow the cosmic balances to manage and vitalize every expression and manifestation of life. 

You find pleasure in destroying that which lives for the joy of the Creator, for the joy of Creation itself, as well as for the sake of your own existence.

Have you forgotten that the spirit of this cosmic cell, which is your world, infers and settles everything in conformity with your thoughts, movements, and actions?

Nature and its forces are the expression of the power of Divine Intelligence, all elements are subject to its translucently clear laws based on Justice and Perfection.

Humanity moves alarmingly towards a point of no return. Your fate is the sole consequence of what you have established and the path you have chosen over time.

Everything is settled.

The time that is coming will deliver great changes aimed at achieving a new vibrational frequency, a new density-dimension where humanity will vibrate on higher levels.

Our entrusted duty is to protect, help, and comfort all those who struggle to prevent the worst from happening, and we do this by fostering peace, Justice, and Love in their communities. These people have all our help, support, and unbounded love. 

Despite being a noble virtue, volunteering, in and of itself, is not sufficient to relieve the suffering of the many sons of Earth living in all types of misery, injustice, pain, and loathing. Too few helping hands are not enough to heal the innumerable souls suffering in pain, a suffering which has become the sole master of their hearts and has deprived them of any true hope.

There exists a lack of true mercy and little desire to bring joy to all those in desperate need of help, strength, and love.

In our worlds everything our eyes look upon receives Love, everything is considered a part of that Love which connects us all like drops in a river flowing towards true life, towards the Creator’s heart.

Some among us are particularly fitted to live on planet Earth thanks to their resemblance to you. They often come to visit awakened people who are able to feel the Love that ties us all together. We possess the ability to blend in easily with your earthly reality. The most sensitive souls can feel our presence, which generates peace, serenity, trustworthiness, and a deep sense of unbounded love. This incites intense emotions in those humans who understand that someone deeply loves and comforts them.

Always bear in mind that you are not alone, especially during these times when great things will be happening. Be confident that better days are ahead which will bring joy to those who have kept hope alive even though it was rejected, misunderstood and despised. These days will be full of joy for those who, through their definitive actions, have kept Love alive in this dark moment.

In these times, we stand by your side and offer you our help. We wish to be your consolation, your faith, your true hope.

Earthly brothers, bear in mind that you are not and you have never been alone. Our presence is more easily noticed because of the Infinite demands that we support you as a pledge of both its and our good ill.

Let there be peace on Earth. Allow the Infinite Creator’s brightness to enlighten your minds, your consciences, and cherish paternal benevolence in your hearts.

The Confederation of Planets
by Giuliano Falciani
(translation by Filippo Sarpa and Tom Hamblin)

24 December 2016

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