Human folly does not cease to astound

Message from the Confederation of Planets to the brothers of planet Earth

“Zar”, the deadliest atomic weapon in the history of humanity – which has recently been exhibited in Moscow – is three thousand times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima…”

“Nuclear alert in Europe: radiation cloud emerging from Russian nuclear plant; radioactivity is 986 times above safety levels”

We address every individual, man and woman, of planet Earth so that they are aware of what is happening.

Our messengers’ reports to our scientific communities confirm that the Heavenly Guardians’ renewed concerns regarding your unceasing nuclear activity are well-founded.Despite our repeated warnings on the menacing atomic technology you have exercised, you continue, undeterred, to build increasingly powerful and sophisticated weapons.

If only you had listened to the advice delivered by our messengers sent on a mission to your planet, many of the disasters affecting your civilization at the present moment could have been avoided.

The whole planet is hostage to nuclear threat; all forms of life are seriously compromised by this highly destructive energy which is continuously claiming victims due to:
– the huge amount of nuclear waste produced;
– the innumerable accidents in nuclear facilities – most of which remain unknown to the public – and occurring at an increasing rate;
– the manipulation of radioactive elements, such as Uranium, employed in the production of sophisticated weapons;
– the nuclear experiments still conducted today on your planet;

The ecosystem will remain irreparably compromised for numerous generations. The energy of death is penetrating your vital systems through the air you breathe, the water and food you consume daily to nourish your biological essence.

Although genetics attempts to provide solutions to the pollution pervading all things, this has tremendously negative effects on the vital energy of your body which unavoidably leads to new and incurable diseases. And when it is not nuclear activity that makes you fall ill, it is all the poisonous substances, such as pesticides, that are being sprayed all over the globe. It is essential that you be aware of this.

On your planet, those elements which were once sources of life, are now bringing death: this is mainly due to ignorance, and to the insane and absurd selfishness of fatalistic multinational corporations acting not only unhindered but with the legitimate approval of world governments.

We warned you and continue to do so with the hope that common sense will prevail. We have sent emissaries who have done everything in their power to enlighten your thoughts and your heart, but despite our goodwill, the work of our heavenly observers has always been hindered and harassed by the actions of men who are enslaved by a rampant evil that, as never before at this time, negatively affects science, religion, politics and the world economy, leading the masses towards a flattening and disintegration of the sublime values of life.

Back in the days when you could not have imagined such a harsh situation, we foretold of the ruinous and pernicious misfortunes your planet might witness due to your insane and irresponsible actions.

Everything that happens today on your planet shows how much our apprehension, an apprehension regarding the progressive decay of life in all its aspects, has been truthful and founded. Our intervention, aimed at the stability and rebalancing of planetary forces, is no longer possible because of the psychic-energetic-physical degenerative processes that you have created, which have now become irreversible.

You have received many offers of assistance and have been given countless opportunities to put things into their proper place, but repeatedly, you did not want to listen! Things can no longer be avoided because the Universe demands justice for your planet and for all the creatures born of its infinite love.

Your overwhelmingly untamed pride leads you towards the selfish desire for supremacy, conquest, subjugation, hatred, and abuse.

This venomous attribute is what distinguishes you from the star people, it is the bad tree which brings forth the corrupt fruits of your insane humanity; the cosmic balances, established by the Creator for the goodness and evolution of its own Creation, are now threatened to be disintegrated by your military technology.

You must not forget that your harmful actions have a negative influence on the whole universe, the same universe which hosts your temporary existence. Therefore, in accordance with the law of resonance, you shall soon witness the consequences of your actions.

Unlike your civilization, in our worlds we do not exhibit tools of death and destruction; rather, we promote instruments of goodness and of scientific and spiritual progress which can only induce the desire to participate in the positive development and evolution of life in its entire expression.

Know, men and women of planet Earth, that despite the irresponsible behavior exhibited by the majority of you, we do not cease to manifest our evolution and in fact manifest it by continuing to love you immensely.

We know your planet very well, we belong to the Confederation of Planets: we are cosmic messengers who came to Earth thousands of years ago and established contact with some of your civilizations with the intention of providing them with precious information on the logic of the One, on life and on the evolution of the entire universe.

You are an integral part of the Whole, of the One, of what you commonly refer to as galaxy, God. You are not separated from it: you are generated within it, you evolve in it, you find death and rebirth in it. The purpose of your existence is to serve the One Creator for the sake of the evolution of the entire Universe.

We trust in a reasonable and righteous rise of awareness in all your leaders and in every man and woman who lives on this wondrous planet; a planet created by the sublime breath of God for peace, prosperity, physical and spiritual growth, and for the eternal happiness of the entire Human family.

Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men.
Let our bliss and our unconditioned love descend from the Celestial Spheres upon you.

From the Confederation of Planets to the brothers of planet Earth
Giuliano Falciani (translated by Filippo Sarpa and Tom Hamblin)

14 December 2017 h.3,34 pm


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