Urgent call to humankind

Message from the Confederation of Planets
People of planet Earth, you should have more seriously considered our many heartfelt messages delivered to you by our Confederation. These messages have been invitations, given to you with love and brotherly concern, aimed at safeguarding life on your planet and mankind.

You did not want to listen, and now you are implementing pitiful solutions that will not be sufficient to recover what has been subverted, offended and soon to be imminently destroyed.

Dear ones, in nature, the law of cause and effect exists; a law that you have systematically ignored and repudiated. You have now attracted adverse consequences to your race, consequences now well visible in every part of your planet.

The action of the Zigos, the four elements of nature, the divine authorities of Creation, the diligent guardians of Creative Harmony, is now in full implementation to restore the lost balances and to oppose the continual attacks which are aimed at destroying life.

Attacks performed by a few who follow a dark power who are that influential part of humankind able to influence the politics, economy, science, and religions of the entire planet. They are now leading many towards a ruinous paralysis, an inability which holds them in a grip of fear and prevailing dependencies.

Many catastrophes that you consider “natural” have been premeditated and created by human beings who have no integrity, dark souls who lost their dignity and feeling for humanity. They serve the hostile power currently operating on your planet and are able to destabilize, upset and freeze that divine spark which lies in each human being, to extinguish that light which desires to overcome the general chaos caused by corrupt and evil powers.

Be aware that the evil of your world does not come from the universe, but has originated from the willpower of men and women born on planet Earth who have decided to utilize their free will improperly, straying from their divine program.

The humanitarian world organizations, openly committed to a serious work of general awakening to save the planet, are becoming cleverly manipulated, controlled and deprived of resources to conduct an effective and crucial change on a wide scale.

We are deeply aware of your thoughts and intentions and for this reason we can say that those who are in power in your world, right now, do not have the life of the planet nor its inhabitants at heart, but are only bent on plundering and making profits from its resources, without any concern of the impact on ecosystems nor the lives of innumerable creatures, human beings included.

How many useless words have been spoken and useless meetings held, and yet how many promises remain unfulfilled? Words and promises must be translated into concrete facts and actions able to reverse the situation that is now proceeding towards a certain disintegration of those life balances that are so essential to achieving healthy growth and enlightened progress.

In spite of the continuous attempts of the dark power on Earth, there are bright individuals who commit themselves, heart and soul, to protect, help and safeguard life in all its expressions, and more importantly, to kindle among men feelings of love, compassion, harmony, and peace. These people have our support and our brotherly comfort. However, these souls are not enough to oppose rampant evil.

The apathy of many people, who are asleep, prevent the natural and painless ascension of your humanity.

It is essential that large groups of individuals join together and cleave to high spiritual values in order to put an end to the adverse powers which reign undisturbed in your society.

We cannot help you because we cannot intervene directly in your matters. We are not allowed to interfere in the evolution of intelligent races. This reasonable impediment is only a boundary, and while it keeps us apart from you in different dimensions, it binds us in love. It motivates us all the more in our work each and every time we see men and women who are deeply conscious of the marvels of life that expresses itself in every corner of the universe.

Be aware, brothers of Earth, that your planet is going to change and that this is a transformation that will impose a substantial variation to your genetic inheritance. This change is required in order to access the higher frequency of a new dimension. This mutation will be supported by the intercession of the primordial forces of nature from which life was originated on your planet.

Humanity will soon be called upon to go through considerable experiences that will bring changes to your entire planet, including your social, economic, scientific and religious systems. This will be necessary in order for you to access a new way of thinking and living, as the ensuing pain and suffering you will experience will motivate you towards a serious and desired reformation. This will not be a painless event, nor will it be a punishment, but rather the consequential effect of causes provoked by your own civilization.

A brave gesture from you, aimed at love and respect for life would immediately attract our intervention, however, you have to ask for it because in doing so, you will demonstrate your commitment to correct your situation and put things back in balance.

Brothers of planet Earth, is there still hope? We say yes, but there is hope only when you start to transform your promises into actions. As always from our side, be assured, you will have all possible love and support from us. We are your brothers; we are all sons and daughters of the same Father.

Peace on Earth
April 22nd, 2016

The Confederation of Planets
by Giuliano Falciani
(translation by Filippo Sarpa and Tom Hamblin)

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